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2×00 Season 2 Primer

In this season 2 primer episode of the podcast, Alex announces the return of Gone to Texas! He also outlines plans for the 2 part season premiere, and when to expect new episodes of the podcast.

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Season 1 Wrap-Up


This week we’ve got the whole crew! Alex, Nick, Jon, and Lance are here to wrap up their thoughts on season 1 of AMC’s Preacher!

Do the comic book readers approve of the show’s use of Quincannon? Was season 1 of the show pointless or fruitful? What lingering questions remain to be answered in a later season of the show? All of this and more on this week’s episode!

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1×10 Call and Response


In this episode Nick and Alex discuss episode ten of AMC’s Preacher titled “Call and Response”!

What’s the deal with Carlos? Why does Betsy seem to understand the God-phone? Why are some of the characters acting very out of character? We talk about all of that and more on this episode!

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1×09 Finish The Song


In this episode Nick and Jon discuss episode 8 of AMC’s Preacher titled “Finish The Song”!

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1×08 El Valero


In this episode Lance and Alex discuss episode seven of AMC’s Preacher titled “El Valero”!

Will we see Cassidy again? Will Jesse be successful in bringing God to church? How much of Odin’s backstory is from the comics? All of that and much more on this week’s episode of the podcast!

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