Coming Soon: Gone to Texas – A Podcast About AMC’s Preacher!

cropped-GTT_3000x3000.pngHello all! I’m Alex from the Midwest Film Nerds Podcast.

The website you’re currently reading this post on serves as the blog for our new podcast about AMC’s television series Preacher based on the comic books of the same name by Garth Ennis. The podcast is called Gone to Texas, named after the first story arc in the comic book series.

With each new episode of the television series, Nick and I will take 45 minutes to an hour each week to discuss the episode at length, recap the important points of the show, and try to provide more context to the show at large. I, myself, have not read any of Garth Ennis’ Preacher, however Nick has read the entire run. We will not be spoiling the series by discussing future events in the later runs of the comic book.

So come back later this week (May 22, 2016 – May 28, 2016) to look for two new episodes, one that will serve as a primer for the podcast, and another that will recap episode 1 of AMC’s Preacher.

You can get a hold of us on twitter @g2tpodcast or by email at and we hope we can keep in touch with other fans at AMC’s Preacher to help make our podcast even better!

So thank you for checking us out and we’re excited to get started!

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